Nithin Coca

Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist who focuses on stories about interconnections across borders. He’s been based in the region, on and off, since 2013, and has traveled to and covered stories in nearly every Asian country, for outlets including Financial Times Chinese, The Nation, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, The Diplomat, and Coda Story. His pieces have also been translated and republished in Japanese, Chinese, German, Indonesian, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

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Daniela K. Münzel

Münzel is a currently London-based communications specialist who has worked in the development and UK-charity sector, with a focus on advocacy, digital campaigns and community engagement in public health, mental health and child rights. With a Japanese heritage and having spent several years in Asia for work, Münzel initially got involved two years ago while based in Thailand, assisting Coca’s journalism work and in the early development of Asia Undercovered, with a desire to better understand Asia and to play a role in bringing important stories from the continent to the forefront.  

Münzel has been the primary author of several special issues, including.

Raisa Nastukova

Nastukova is a freelance journalist and photojournalist focused on stories of both Kashmir culture and society as well as the rising tide of climate change. With several years experience working in Asia, Nastukova got involved with Kashmir coverage after seeing the response to the February 2019 Pulwama bombing first-hand. She is based in the southwestern United States.

Nastukova has been the primary author of:

Anand Tumurtogoo

Anand Tumurtogoo is a Mongolian freelance journalist based in Mongolia. He has been reporting on Mongolia for five years for foreign publications.

Anand has been the primary author of:

Media Analysis: Mongolia as Seen Through The Eyes of Foreign Correspondents